Finding Positivity and Gratitude Amidst the Noise

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Guided reflection and journaling are two of the most fundamentally simple habits you can implement that have a positive effect on all areas of your life. Reflection and journaling provide a sense of clarity and self awareness while increasing communication and bolstering creativity. Beyond that, individuals have noticed an improvement in mood and sleep with a symptomatic decrease in anxiety, depression and overall stress. 

Yet with all of these known benefits, many still don't use this powerful tool. Why? Because we simply don't know where to begin. In a world where technology is at our fingertips and the ability to communicate and connect are available to us 24/7 - we've forgotten the most basic skill, writing.  Writing has the ability to transform. It is a powerhouse tool that NEEDS to be used. You don't have to be a writer in order to reap the benefits of journaling and guided reflection, you just have to have an open mind and a willingness to connect and process your own thoughts and roadblocks. Writing is the bridge between chaos and peace.


What to Bring

Guided reflection and journaling are two very personal processes. For this session, you will need a physical or electronic means of writing along with a quiet space where you can reflect and be inspired.

Minimum age

1 years or older

What's Provided

A FREE downloadable booklet of tools including a 7-day guided reflection and journaling prompt for positivity and letting go, along with positive affirmations and other writing prompts to continue journaling outside of this session.

What You Can Expect From This Experience
  • How to get started with journaling
  • Positive affirmations to increase gratitude and instill peace
  • How to use journaling as a reflective tool to increase positivity
  • The power of 3's and 7 days
  • How to utilize guided reflection and journaling to live the life you love
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For as long as I can remember I have loved writing and anything to do with literary studies. I come from a long line of editors, writers, authors and professors - apparently writing runs heavily in our gene pool. With a bachelor's degree in communications I have spent more than 16 years managing communications and marketing efforts for a Fortune 100 Company. After becoming a mom and struggling with my emotions and the stress of balancing it all, my husband pushed me to begin writing again as a creative and therapeutic outlet. As a result. in 2018 I founded motherhood lifestyle blog, They Whine, so I Wine, where I share personal stories and motivational posts encouraging women to free themselves of pressures and guilt. In a little over two years, They Whine, so I Wine has grown into more than just another motherhood blog. With over 181K followers, it has become a place where women go to reunite with their own passions and sense of self. A judgment free zone that puts aside comparison and encourages women to free themselves of societal expectations in an effort to find peace and ultimately live out their best life.

My writings have been published globally on outlets including ABC News, Good Morning America, Love What Matters, KidsSpot Australia, Motherly, MTV India, The Today Show, Scary Mommy, and countless others.

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