Gymnastic Wheel Jam

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Fitness & Wellness

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WHEEL JAM fun and fitness!
The Gymnastic Wheel is a great way to stay fit and in shape at any age. No experience is needed to succeed in the basics of the art and the sport. Since recreational level wheel can be done at all ages, it is a great activity for families to workout and learn to master the gym wheel together in the same class. Participants will work on balance, strength and flexibility on a gym wheel. Beginners will focus on balancing, rolling and basic elements of the wheel, alone and with a partner. WHEEL JAM is a great core workout and is described as the rolling Pilates. You’ll also learn acrobatic skills and you will have a solid cardio workout.

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Wolfgang Bientzle started wheel at the age of 6 in Taunusstein /Germany. He became the most successful competitor and wheel performer. 8 World Champion Titles, 11 European, over 60 German National Titles , performing for Cirque du Soleil, Disney, NBA, NFL, NHL, Holiday on ice , more than 70 TV shows world wide. Besides his accomplishments as performer and competitor he has a Master degree of Sport Science of the Johannes Gutenberg University ( Mainz/Germany), worked as director, producer and choreographer for the Gymnastic Federation, Cirque du Soleil and other companies.

Under his lead the Gymnastic Wheel club TSV Taunusstein – became the most successful club worldwide with numerous titles at World, European and German Championship as well as leading an international wheel show troupe who travelled the world to introduce Wheel Gymnastics. Wolfgang lives now in Chicago and has created Chicago as the center of the North American Wheel Gymnastics