How to Create the Life You Want!

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Creativity is essential to all of us. We all use creativity to solve problems, overcome obstacles and win challenges. What if, you used your creativity to focus on getting what you wanted out of life.

In this class, you will receive life coaching tools to help you create the life you want to live. We will focus on using your most creative tool - your imagination, in order, to eliminate negative self talk, create positive thoughts and relationships, build self-esteem, and build confidence in your everyday life.

Please note: Coaching is not therapy or consulting and it is not used for treatment of any mental illness. Coaching focuses on the here & now and moving forward. Coaches honor the client as the expert in his or her life.

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Toma Tavares Langston is a Chicago based freelance stage director/producer and Certified Professional Coach specialized in creativity, relationship and well–being coaching. Through individual coaching sessions, workshops and seminars, Toma helps everyday people to utilize their creativity to design the life that they want. Toma works with destroying or replacing negative, limiting thinking and creating positive thoughts that will bring about a fundamental change in your life.


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    Jennifer M.
    Reviewed on 08/06/13

    The class was very informative and gave me some inspirational tools to pull from.

    The class was very informative and gave me some inspirational tools to pull from.

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