Self-Defense Workshop

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In this fun and engaging class, we will cover Situational Awareness and Methods of Self-Defense.

This course is for anyone with an interest in methods of self-protection. You will learn how to assess a situation and identify a potential threat, deter/avoid a potential attack and finally react with simple yet effective techniques to thwart and escape an attack.

All are welcomed. No previous skill or athletic ability is required. Self-Defense is for EVERYONE!

NOTE: All attendees (participating or not) will be required to sign a waiver. Minimum age is to participate is 18 years old (16 with participating parent or guardian). ID will be required.

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All ages welcome

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Esteban has been studying Combat Arts Institue Ju-Jutsu for a number of years at the University of Illinois at Chicago where he is employeed as an IT Security Officer. In 2007 Esteban founded the UIC Ju-Jutsu club as Advisor and Head Instructor. Through the Ju-Jutsu Club Esteban has hosted many Self-Defense classes and workshops, as well as other public safety material (such as safer falling workshops).

His involvement with the UIC Community motivated has Esteban to volunteer more time to the public via the Community Emergency Response Team (CPD/CAPS, OEMC), and became a certified Wilderness First Responder. His involvement with the CERT has included logistical support during the 2012 NATO Summit, Children's Memorial Hospital Move, as well as a Self-Defense Demo during 18th District Chicago Police National Night Out event.

During his free time, Esteban enjoys Orienteering, Geocaching and other outdoor activities.