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Imagine... you walk into a room glowing. Men feel an instant magnetic attraction to you, and women want to know your secret. Imagine enjoying a deep understanding and appreciation for who you are, and attracting a loving relationship with ease.

YOU can be that woman!

Experience the energy of love and law of attraction like never before, in this two-hour immersion:

1. Drop your love baggage, and free yourself of the weight of past relationship drama.
2. Tap into The Four Feminine Energies that will make you the irresistible woman, who other ladies want to be, and men want to be with.
3. Learn the one technique to instantly shift you into manifesting fabulous people and experiences into your life.
4. Find out the secret to attracting the man of your dreams (it’s probably not what you think).

If you're single and ready to find love, then this is for you! We'll provide the support, information, and a celebratory champagne toast at the end. 21+ women only.

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Rebecca Niziol, CPC, ELI-MP, is overjoyed to be teaming up with Karie to lead this Love Immersion. As a coach and life-purpose specialist she helps women live the authentic life of their dreams, by reconnecting to who they are and what their purpose is. Everyone’s dream life includes love, but it’s often the biggest struggle figuring out how to get what we want. Rebecca’s expertise lies in helping her clients uncover their true goal, clarify what’s holding them back, and guiding them to create mind blowing sustainable results through fun and exciting actions. A bit of a love rebel herself, she has committed to embracing femininity in new ways this year, and hopes to inspire you to create your own unique journey in love. Check out more about her, and grab a complimentary clarity session at

Karie Hill Karie Hill saw Rebecca and it was friends at first sight. She couldn’t wait to team up with her to teach the women of Chicago how to take self love to a deeper level. As a fellow coach and creator of Date Your Dollars, Karie has spent the past several years teaching women around the world how to align their wallets with their dream life. Karie is excited to share her experience on how to be a successful woman AND attract love. To learn more about Karie, visit and pick up your copy of her FREE book, One Shift: 25 Powerful Lessons in Abundance, Hustle and Happiness.

5 Have Dabbled