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Steve Jobs said, "Everybody should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think."  I would argue that everybody should learn how to properly program the brain, as this teaches us how to learn.  This class is brain programming 101, learning how to learn.  Witness your memory power for words, numbers, names, lists, and other extraordinary feats, increase exponentially, in a matter of minutes.  After class, should you get hooked as I did, others who do not have these skills will likely mistake you for a wizard.

-Memorize an entire randomly shuffled deck of cards

-Recall a room full of names and faces

-Briefly study a list, of any length, words or numbers, and repeat it forwards, backwards, or by position on the list.  Did that make sense?  It will.

These skills have so many immediate and functional applications in everyday life.  They serve as both powerful life enhancing tools and mind bendingly impressive party tricks.  This fun skill also has my favorite attribute of any worthy endeavor...the potential for unlimited growth and learning. 

Whether you're interested in becoming a more effective salesman/woman or looking to be more interesting and compelling on a date or at a party, this class will not disappoint.



What to Bring

A pen and notebook

Minimum age

All ages welcome

What's Provided

Essential reading list

What You Can Expect From This Experience
  • Discover how your memory prefers to be utilized
  • Learn proven mental tools to drastically improve recall
  • Recall the order of a randomly shuffled deck of cards
  • Never forget a name or face again
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Selfishly, I love teaching because to teach is to learn twice. I love practicing manual therapies... changing the way someone feels with the use of my hands. I have been practicing for 13 years and as part of my quest to become better, teaching for 10. Aside from professionally practicing and teaching massage therapy, I am a skill builder. It is my belief that learning new skills leads to a happier and better life. Are you familiar with the happy, almost euphoric feeling of finally putting three guitar chords together and strumming a song people recognize? How about applying a simple new massage technique on your mate and watching it very positively affect their mood. OR...can you imagine going to your mate's work party and using a new memory skill to recall the name of everyone you meet, along with notable facts about them? All of these experiences create a chemical response in our brain that feels happy, accomplished, and leaves us craving more. More life and more skills to utilize in this life.

I love the challenge of a truly "market facing" career path as my success is directly related to the quality I bring to the market/classroom.

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