Yoga Nidra Session (the Meditative Heart of Yoga)

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Welcome to Yoga Nidra - the meditative heart of yoga. This guided meditation session will lead you on a journey within to connect to your Inner Knowing Self and help you to manifest your true Heartfelt Desire (sankalpa). I've been practicing this style of yoga myself for over 4 years, and was trained as a certified instructor through Arhantha Yoga Ashrams in the Netherlands in 2019. I believe Yoga Nidra can be a wonderful adjunct to yoga asana practices, or a great way to connect to your true authentic self as a standalone practice. Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation practice that will bring your brain to a state of deep relaxing theta brain waves, while your consciousness remains active (a state known as turia). They say a 45min Yoga Nidra session can be as healing as 4hrs of sleep! During this session we'll start with a brief group discussion about our current troubles and concerns so I know how to lead the meditation to help the group best, and then we will do some gentle movements to relax the body followed by a 35-40min meditation. At the end, I will leave each of you with a tarot card and message to guide you through your next steps forward. Join me for a truly relaxing and rejuvenating experience!

What to Bring

Yoga Nidra is practiced in the savasana pose (lying on your back) but accommodations can also be provided. Please make sure you have anything you need to feel comfortable in this pose for about 45min (bolsters, blankets, pillows, an eye cover, etc.).

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All ages welcome

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A Yoga Nidra instructor and intuitive tarot reader. Let's meditate and explore the spiritual worlds!