Draw Your Way To Spanish Fluency

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Event Overview

Language is best learned while having fun. Draw Your Way to Spanish Fluency is an immersive and interactive class designed for individuals who have little to no experience with Spanish or those who would like to brush up on their dusty high school Spanish. Learn basic vocabulary and enhance your listening and speaking skills all while creating a simple work of art that only your mom will cherish. All you need is a writing utensil and paper, but, if desired, you can also grab your favorite drink to get the Spanish flowing!

What to Bring

A piece of paper and a marker (preferably a thick, darker marker that can easily be seen when shown on screen)

Minimum age

10 years or older

Cancellation Policy


There are currently no upcoming dates scheduled for this Dabble. Log in to an account message the host or add to your bucket list to be automatically notified when new dates are posted.


Your Obra Maestra instructor has a Master's in Spanish from Loyola University and currently teaches Spanish at the university level. She also has 5 years of experience as a Spanish Translation Specialist in the healthcare space, helping to create educational content for patients. She believes that language education should be fun and immersive and hopes to help anyone who thinks they "just aren't good" at languages to tap into their immense capacity for learning!