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with Brian Bar

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There's you, there's your dream job, and there's all the crap in the middle.

OK. It's not crap, it's actually the really critical steps of networking, resume writing and interviewing that make getting from Point A to Point B possible. But if you're not the best at the aforementioned, the headache and frustration you feel when trying to apply for a job can make it seem like that.

This Dabble class aims to get rid of some of the headache of the middle by helping you prepare for the most important part of getting the job: the interview. Learn best practices for prepping and executing the interview, regardless of the career path you're choosing. We'll cover:

-The most frequently asked questions (& some tricky ones that recruiters keep up their sleeve)
- Separating yourself from other candidates vying for the same position
-Standout questions you should ask in an interview
-Preparing the opening statement: What's your story?
-Key words, phrases and ways to answer questions
-Leaving a lasting impression
and finally
-Follow up practices, and
-How to recover from any mishaps that happened during the interview.

Dream jobs, we're comin' for you.

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In 2006, Brian Bar started working in sales for a mobile and internet tech company in San Diego. Within 4 months, he was promoted to a recruiting position, and after that moved up to senior manager where he led a 20 person recruiting team responsible for increasing company headcount by 200 persons. He interviewed over a thousand candidates vying for entry level positions with his company. Through this, Brian developed a clear sense of what separated the great from good and good from bad in the interview room. He now works for Groupon, where he managed two of their Top 40 markets and currently the state of IN. He has been interviewing and hiring for this role the past year and have consistently seen trends of what separates candidates in the interview process. Anecdotally, Brian has also helped many friends and family members identify proper career paths and prepare for interviews. I guess you could say he's qualified to teach this class ... ;).

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