Comfort French Food - Bistrot Style

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Having a Fun time + Meeting people + Cooking delicious French food = the recipe for the perfect evening!

Whatever your level of skills, you'll be challenged and entertained in this hands-on class. In 2 hours, you will have the opportunity to learn from our Chef, cook your own food, and eat the fruits of your labor! Take home the recipes and maybe a new Facebook friend or two. Bon Appetit!

Menu: Comfort French Food - Bistrot Style:

Shallot vinaigrette with farm greens
Alsacian flamenckueche (French cousin of the pizza)
Choux a la creme (melt-in-your-mouth cream puffs)

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All ages welcome

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Ask Chef Vincent what inspired him to become a chef, and he will tell you it was the countless hours spent with his Alsacian grandmother in her tiny kitchen, learning his family's secret recipes. He and his cousins hand-picked mountainside blueberries for her pies; they ate meat and cheeses from neighboring farms; and by age 18, he was preparing elaborate meals for his family with only their wood-burning, cast-iron stove.

Having spent his formative years in Paris, Chef Vincent yearned for experiences abroad and moved to Chicago in 2004. His passion for creating traditional French, family-style meals and one-bite appetizers with an artistic flair gave way to him opening Cook Au Vin the following year. Since opening his store he has also become locally recognized for his savory crepes, pastries, and bread.

Vincent's passion for organic ingredients drives him to deliver dining experiences that transport diners to his native French countryside or to the finest restaurants in Paris.

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