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Video storytelling has completely changed my life. 

I have been creating short videos since I was 10 years old am now that I am a dad of two with a 3 year old and 1 year old at home, time to create videos has been REALLY limited.  But in the last few years, I have managed to create hundreds of online videos for Youtube, Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram that have helped me to win friends, influence people, find my tribe and put dollars in my pocket, scale my business and all with nothing more than my iPhone camera and a couple free (or nearly free) iPhone editing apps.

Storytelling has been around for a LONG time and has been one of the most effective ways of influencing behavior. 

Think about it.  People do business with people they know like and trust right?  That hasn't changed in 10,000 years.  What has changed is the technological revolution and the $1,000 supercomputer half of the USA walks around with in their pocket.  Your smartphone has equipped you with a megaphone to tell a story to a MUCH bigger and broader audience, the internet.  This could mean that you can record videos for your friends, colleagues, clients or prospective clients.  What this also enables you to do is to build a personal brand around yourself. 

If you have anything to say or sell, you know how important this is.   

Here is an example of some of the video content I have created that has been effective to build deeper relationships with humans.

  • Highly edited and unedited videos of travels and my family on Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook (“Simon Granner” on all platforms- feel free to friend/follow me to stalk before you sign up)

  • Very simply edited video interviews of successful entrepreneurs on Youtube (“Simon Granner Show” on youtube

  • "Man on the street" videos of me talking about philosophy, strategy and "why" AROUND my business not directly about it or even asking people 95% to do anything (“Simon Granner” on Linkedin – feel free to friend/follow me to stalk before you sign up)

I can point to over 100k in additional revenue in the last couple years that is directly tied to online video storytelling. 

Far more important though than business or money is the ability to use video to build a tribe and attract your band of wierdos and misfits.  See if you are anything like me and you have been "doing business" for a while you have probably done a fair share of cold calling, cold emailing, knocking on doors or whatever form of prospecting you can to generate leads for your business.  Now your friends and family, probably are amused at how much effort you are willing to put into something that "doesn't always seem to pan out". It doesn't seem to pan out because you are on the entrepreneurial rollercoaster.  You are always acting from a place of mania or depression because unlike your peanut gallery friends and family, you don't have a salary.  I am 31 years old and I haven't had a salary since I was 24.  I have the same peanut gallery as you, trust me.  😊

What I have found to be helpful is being consistent and DISPLAYING consistency through online video which has helped me to earn more trust and respect from the people who already know me (offline and online).  What it has also done is help to repel people from my life that probably shouldn't have been there in the first place and magnetically attract people who NEED to be there.  

Here is the other magical thing about online video, they act like permanent bread crumbs. 

Remember the old children’s story of Hansel and Gretel?  The one where they drop bread crumbs so they can find their way home.  The difference between online video and bread crumbs and that videos that you shoot, edit and publish to your social media networks are permanent.  Unless you delete them (which you can do and I have certainly done when a video sucks).  They are constantly online waiting to be viewed.  Now I will be the first to admit that I don't have millions of Youtube subscribers or followers on Instagram or Linkedin but guess what?  That doesn't matter nearly as much as that ONE human on the other side of their phone, tablet or computer screen that watches my content says to themselves, 

"I like this guy and I could see myself doing business with him."

That has happened a lot and usually with a person who is already aligned, willing and capable not just anyone with money.  They typically become an IDEAL client and great friend.

I am not an expert, and I especially am not THE expert on video storytelling.  I mean my core business is financial planning.

But I know a thing or two and have failed quite a bit to get where I am and would be happy to share it with you and a small group of students.  

To set expectations, I cap all my classes at 4 students because I like to keep a small, interactive discussion/mastermind rather than having a huge lecture style class so if that is something that would resonate with you, I encourage you to sign up for one of the available dates.  I look forward to seeing you in class. 


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Simon Granner

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On March 18th, 2016 my wife Natalie gave birth to our first child. Before Addilyn was born I honestly went through life without a clear picture of what “success” looked like chasing things like money and business accolades without a true north. Now my vision is so crystal clear that my mission on this earth is to constantly improve into the best version of myself so that through my daily activities, I can be a husband my wife is proud of, a father my children look up to and a friend people can count on. I started my career working for my uncle in the back office of his financial planning practice. Shortly after I got licensed in the business, I was fired by my uncle (it’s a funny story). I took a sales job as a very early pre-ipo employee of a small start-up called GrubHub, where I flew around the country launching new markets before GrubHub even had a CRM. During the year I was there, GrubHub raised $50 million in funding, bought 3 companies (, and and increased employee headcount from less than 50 to over 600. Driven by my desire to figure out my employee stock option package I decided to give the business of financial planning a try from a practice ownership stand point. One day after my 1 year anniversary at GrubHub (to ensure the stock options), I submitted my twos notice, I started my financial planning practice and got myself involved in a number of online marketing activities to promote my practice. It all started with a blog at, followed shortly by an audio and video podcast where I interviewed successful entrepreneurs around the world. If you google "Simon Granner Show" you will probably find a few archived episodes. After my interview series, I focused my online efforts on building an email list around financial stories and topics related to what I labeled "high-performing entrepreneurs". I think I really just wanted to find my "tribe" if you will. I wanted to be myself and let my strengths overpower my weaknesses. Towards the middle of 2018 I decided to merge my solo financial planning practice with my father, who is now my business partner. We have a growing practice called Opus Financial Group of Thrivent Financial. We have 4 full time advisers, a dedicated analyst and 2 staff members and growing. We love what we do each day. My content production efforts have shifted to video content production on Linkedin for the last 12 months and that was been successful from an audience building perspective and more importantly in terms of creating and sustaining deeper personal and business relationship. On a personal level, I lived downtown Chicago with my wife until we bought a home and moved out to Geneva, IL where we live with our two children, Addilyn (3) and Parker (1). Thanks for reading and I hope I have the opportunity to help you launch your blog, mission, movement and see what wild entrepreneurial path it springboards for you. :)