Moves: Hip-Hop Dance

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The Mashed Potatoes, The Jerk, and The Pony are relics of an era of popular culture in which different music had correspondingly different dance moves. Today, a shameful majority of us use the same foot shuffle, hip sway, and arm flap whether the speakers are blaring Lil Wayne, Janet Jackson, James Brown, or LCD Soundsystem.

Fantastic at Facebooking, genius Google-ers, and perfect at putting the pedal to the metal, so many of us have mastered the art of all things sedentary, and it’s high time we put forth some time and energy into knocking good dancers off of the endangered species list.

Folks, it’s time to learn some new moves.

In this introduction to hip-hop dance class, Dabblers will start with a few warm-ups and stretches, and move into a basic routine choreographed to “Unusual” by recording artist Trey Songz. Dabblers will leave the class with a great work-out, some new moves, and a connection to their inner Beyonce.

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A passionate dancer from day one, Rivetta has an extensive history with the art of movement. From founding her own dance organization in college, to having membership in five different Chicago dance organizations, to teaching residency at Bertino’s School of Danceology, Rivetta has taught her slick, Janet Jackson inspired moves to many. Her motto? Live. Love. Dream. Dance.