Flux 02 | Dance Studio Grand Opening

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Fitness & Wellness

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Happy to announce Grand Opening to a high-energy dance-inspired fitness classes that will make you sweat, tone and strength your body!

Dance fitness is a dance-inspired workout studio where you have fun dancing and enjoying your time, without realizing that you are actually working out. Keep moving your body to the rhythm of music and feel that joy from working out. You don't have to be a dancer to join. Classes open to all fitness levels. Grab your friends, family, working out buddy and just show up this event!

Featuring FREE classes during a Grand Opening event:

Dance Fitness: High intensity cardio based class with some dance choreography and sculpt parts. This class will fill your body up with dance-floor endorphins while burning calories. Get ready to get your full body workout and maximize your calories burn. It’s about being sweaty and happy, not perfect.

Sculpt: Non-aerobic muscle toning class. Using resistance tubing with handles, loop exercise bands, mats and wrist weights (optional) for total body engagement. This class is good for all levels who is looking to build body strength.

Follow along: Easy to follow moves that get your entire body workout. In this class there are no set dance choreography, just keep moving for the entire hour to get the same benefits of dance fitness. Newbies favorite class.

Stretching: Brings positive benefits to the muscles and joints. Flexible joints and regular stretching are essential for optimal health and activity. Stretching is a physical exercising that improves efficiency in strength, power, endurance, flexibility, and mobility. The regular stretching will increase a range of motion, therefore preventing and relieving many muscle cramps.


Grand Opening Schedule:

9:00 AM -Meet and Greet

9:30 AM - Follow Along Class

10:15 AM - 15 min Break

10:30 AM - Sculpt Class

11:15 AM - 15 min Break

11:30 AM - Dance Fitness Class

12:15 PM - 15 min Break

12:30 PM - Stretching Class

1:15 PM - 15 min Break

1:30 PM - Raffle

2:00 PM - Social hour


-First 50 attendees will receive a goodie bag from our sponsors

-Receive 15 % discount on class packages if you sign up same day

-Enjoy healthy snacks, refreshments, and delicious protein shakes post work out

-Wear comfortable cloth and sneakers to work out

-Street parking


Contact IG @fluxo2_dance_studio for more information.

Minimum age

All ages welcome

What's Provided

Mats, Resistance bands, yoga blocks, pillows, towels and spa towels.

Cancellation Policy

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Flux O2 Dance Studio offers dance fitness, sclupt, follow along, and stretching classes. Keep moving your body to the rhythm of music to feel the joy from working out. Flux O2 offers a great way to work out while hanving fun dancing and enjoying your time. You don't have to be a dancer to join a class, but give yourself 3-5 classes to get used to the workout style.

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