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Keep the Mood Light, and the Lights Low.That's the motto here at Club Sweat. Life is Hard, your workout shouldn't be.Take a note from my ancestors and "Fugeddaboudit" for a bit! Let's blow off some steam bringing the heat to chicagos hottest new club, Club Sweat. 

Are YOU ready to SWEAT!

 1—Hip-noSis— We start class in a fun, approachable take on “meditation” to get ready to bust the deepest of moves under the deepest hues.

2—Club—  Calves are here! Let's fist pump, jump, and wiggle our way through this high intensity Cardi-yothatwasfun group dance. 

3—Sass— Emerge into your inner temptress while we slink -with scarves! Yay! ( Reminder: the lights are low in the club so if you don’t like my moves do your one will see you anyway! get it sis )

4—Breathe—In the club we like our bass and our stretches deep, we will explore both of those here. 

5—Free— Take a moment to show off your own moves in the club, take a shot at the “bar” (water, wheatgrass, wheat thins...whatevs) 


10 steps to being and feeling like a 10 every day. 

I can't wait to see you all there, let’s boogie! ;) 

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Dancing props

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I am here to help good people that want to help good people. I do that through movement. Need a hip hop routine? Got it. A dazzling cheer performance that will "Bring It”? I’m your girl (Just ask Big Red) Dire need of a Wedding performance that includes an Uncle Joe solo accommodating his bad hip? Dial Deanna. Happen to need a few hundred children to sit and dance silently together... and beg to do it again? I’ve done it. Moving is how I get to show the world my soul. The energy you provide for yourself is also the energy you provide for others, lets make sure it's pure. Have a date night with your energy by letting it move FREE with ME! You will walk away from each Deanna Marie Choreography Experience with sweat on your back, a smile on your face, and a greater appreciation for the most important person in your life, yourself. Happy Workouts make Happy Bodies and Happy Bodies make Happy Lives and Happy Lives are worth more money can buy so my classes are kinda free right? (lol, its math) I look forward to feeding all of your dance needs, Let’s eat!

12 Have Dabbled

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