Burlesque Dancing 101: Sexy, Fun, Confidence!

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Fitness & Wellness

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Whether you've got an eye on taking the stage, spicing things up in the bedroom, or simply looking for a different way to work up a sweat, this basic burlesque class can accomplish all three. Vaudezilla's best known teachers & choreographers teach you fundamental stage terms and helps you get comfortable expressing yourself through dancing and using your body.

In this class, you'll become familiar with the basic moves - the shimmies, bumps, and grinds - that form the foundation of any sexy burlesque act. Each class starts with a short warm-up, followed by drills, and the largest portion of each 60-minute class is spent learning burlesque within the context of short choreographed dances.

No dance or theatre background is necessary.

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Chicago burlesque showgirl Red Hot Annie has been teaching burlesque since 2008. With an extensive theatre performance background, Annie's approach focuses on body awareness (and acceptance), confidence, and stage presence. Classes at her own Vaudezilla Studios focus on the idea of burlesque as sexy, fun fitness for women (and men!) of all ages, ethnicities, and sizes.  Annie and her staff of instructors foster an environment where students can learn the art of burlesque, develop dance technique, and feel good about who they are while they're doing it.