Intermediate Enneagram Workshop

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Fitness & Wellness

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It's hard to cover the entire enneagram system in a 3 hour introduction workshop, so we are offering an Intermediate workshop to get into some of the more nuanced details about how the enneagram works and how this information can impact your life. We will learn about:

  • How our neighboring types can impact our own (wings)

  • How we move around the enneagram especially in times of stress or relaxation

  • How our instinctual preferences shape the way our type is expressed

This will be a great workshop for people who want to dig a bit deeper into the system and see how it can work for them.

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All ages welcome

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About Karen Blanchette
Having studied the enneagram for more than a decade, Karen has passionately pursued her interest in understanding personality patterns and applying those to her own inner work. She is extremely passionate about the enneagram and wants to share her knowledge to help others learn about themselves. She is an active member of the Central Texas Enneagram Community and one of the leaders for the Austin Young Adult Enneagram Community. She is currently in the process of training to be a Certified Enneagram Teacher with the Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition.
About Katie Ring
Katie has also studied the Enneagram for over a decade in an effort to bridge the gap of greater understanding of what motivates everyone. She is primarily focused on using the Enneagram as a tool for understanding and unlearning our unconscious fears and biases which are roadblocks to achieving greater equanimity. Katie is a passionate advocate in using the Enneagram for both personal use, and within businesses, as a tool to improve the world via better understanding others. Katie is also one of the Leaders of the Austin Young Adult Enneagram Community, has attended multiple International Enneagram Conferences, as well as conducted a 322-participant study of the Enneagram for her Senior Thesis.

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