How Does Your Goddess Handle Anxiety?

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Fitness & Wellness

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Are you:

  • Constantly told you need to relax and stop worrying so much?

  • A woman who loves to journal your thoughts to find clarity

  • In love with learning various ways to manage your anxiety, anger, overwhelm, stress, and sadness?

  • Tired of feeling out of control?

  • Desperate for accountability and someone to cheer you on with encouragement

  • Wanting to understand more of why you do the things you do

  • Wanting to know how to change and create healthy habits?

  • Wishing you could trust your intuition but feel like you need permission to do so and aren't sure when it's your intuition vs fear, anxiety, or overwhelm?

Then this class is just for you!

I believe that within every single woman lies a Goddess who knows what she wants and knows how to handle her overwhelm. She knows how to respect and love herself while also respecting and loving others.


You need to learn how to reach that Goddess within in order to handle your feelings of overwhelm and that's what I help women like you do. <3

In this class, we'll learn how to

  • Identify our anxiety triggers

  • Embrace our anxiety and allow it to teach us

  • Work through our anxiety with various techniques in order to find balance and peace. 


It's time for you to finally be in control of your emotions and no longer be paralyzed by your fears and worries. Embrace your Inner Goddess tonight and find your peace and confidence again! <3

What to Bring

A journal, pen, or laptop to take notes. I'll be also supplying information for you to help you after the class is over. <3

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I've always been an anxious little girl. On a good day, this meant that I had TONS of energy to share with others and could immediately elevate an entire crowd of people to feel happy and entertained.

But on a bad day, this meant I could easily attack others with tons of worry and create frustration for everyone in my space. I struggled with self love because I hated this part of myself. I hated that I couldn't get a handle on my emotions and didn't know how to express myself to others so I could get proper help. The word "anxiety" was unfamiliar to me growing up and it wasn't until I went to college did I even learn what it was.
This lack of knowledge led to a lot of poor choices in coping skills, friendships, communication, boundaries, and ultimately the pain and weight of it all-led to depression.
My family and I frequently sought out help from others to teach me how to cope with life in healthy ways and I picked up a TON of skills along the way but I still struggled with self confidence, assertive communication, and total self love. It wasn't until I started to embrace my anxiety and accept it's presence in my life that I found true freedom and peace.

In embracing my anxiety, I found strength because I no longer resisted it. I started to realize that my anxieties forced me to identify the situations and people who triggered me. It showed me the areas I needed to work on; such as demanding respect from others AND myself. Anxiety showed me the parts of who I am that needed to grow and heal and it also showed me that I have a LOT of inner strength that is able to respond to my anxiety in a healthy way.
The part of myself that knew how to handle anxiety...she is amazing. A powerful force that uses that energy to bring awareness to issues I had been ignoring.

I started to recognize, this force was no coincidence or outside person ... she was me. My Goddess, who is untouched by the judgments of others and unwounded by past pains. She is my protector and the more I cherished and loved her, the easier it became to speak up for myself, create healthy boundaries, control my anger, and ultimately manage my anxiety.

I know the journey. In a busy world filled with distractions and hurt, it's not easy to tap into her but with the right support, direction, tools, and patience YOU can find your Inner Goddess too.