WordPress for Business: Plugins for Every Business Website

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Event Category

Business & Technology

Event Overview

In this event we will review the top WordPress plugins I use for all business websites, the functions they provide (such as helping you improve visibility in Google search results or being able to accept payments for goods or services you provide), where to find them, how to briefly install each one, the links you can use to find them and learn more about each one, and we'll also answer your related questions afterward. Since there are several plugins we will review, and this is only scheduled to be 1 1/2 to 2 hours in length, we won't be able to spend massive amounts of time on each plugin, but enough to educate you on their use and how to get started with each one and then take your questions about them.

What to Bring

As the workshop is online you will need strong, reliable internet capability and ability to use a web-based internet chat service that is similar to Skype or Google Meet. So please make sure you can adjust browser settings for online discussions.

Minimum age

All ages welcome


You should be familiar with using WordPress as a preferred Content Management System in a self-hosted environment (or what is also called paid hosting).

What's Provided

Download list of plugins with links to learn more about each one.

What You Can Expect From This Experience
  • How to find needed plugins
  • How to install these plugins safely
  • What each plugin will do and why it is valuable for a business website
  • Download list of all plugins with links to find them and learn more
  • Opportunity to ask questions afterward
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David Somerfleck is a digital marketing executive with over 20 years of marketing, branding and PR experience. He is a teacher, college professor, and journalist who's brought that background to internet marketing. David also has a strong background in positioning, project management, integrated marketing, new product launch, website development and online community management.

David has taught college Journalism, digital marketing, social media, business planning, and branding workshops across the country for both large and small business clients, equipping them with the knowledge to successfully manage broad, large scale internet marketing and "boots on the ground" marketing campaign equally. David also worked as a Certified Business Mentor for SCORE (a division of the United States Small Business Administration) for ten years, has written for Fox Reality, spoken at Microsoft, AIGA, and keynoted conferences.

David enjoys learning new languages, practicing aikido, and hiking in his spare time.

You can contact David by going to https://dms.blue.

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