Options 101 | Live Workshop for Beginners

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Business & Technology

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What: Options 101 Beginners Course

When: Every Sunday 1 PM Eastern Standard Time (This is a virtual offering convert for your location here.)

Where: Skype Meeting, link available on registrant dashboard. You may wish to copy this link to your calendar. If you cannot locate the virtual event link, please contact me at least 30 minutes prior to the start time of 1 PM Eastern, and I will be very happy to help you. 

Full Description: Live course covering the basics of options trading from a seasoned options trader with 10 years of profitable investment experience. The interactive presentation will be 1 hour long, followed by a 1-hour Q&A session. We will cover the basics of defining options, and learn how options are used to (1) protect positions and (2) leverage into larger investments without tying up as much capital. We will discuss the basics of calls and puts, being long and short, as well as strategies such as married puts, covered calls, cash-secured puts, long calls, straddles, and strangles. Our emphasis will be on increasing financial literacy while strongly discouraging disproportionate risk. 

DISCLAIMER: This presentation is purely for educational purposes. The presenter is not a financial advisor, and nothing discussed in this presentation should be considered financial advice.


If you wish, you may copy and paste the virtual event link from your dashboard into this above linked Google calendar event link.

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Minimum age

18 years or older

What's Provided

[1] Cheatsheet to follow along [2] Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options

What You Can Expect From This Experience
  • Option mechanics: Expiration, strike, and premium
  • Rights and responsibilities of long options vs short options
  • Option terminology
  • Basic, defined-risk strategies for beginners
  • Understanding what positions to avoid to avoid to prevent undefined risk
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Dan has over 10 years experience profitably trading options. He has worked as a tutor for years and has a knack for breaking down subjects into digestible pieces. He also works on empathetically understanding where students are having difficulty with a concept, introducing material in a way that relates to their interests and positions, making learning more personable and engaging.

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