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Have you ever watched those tiny house shows and wondered if you could live in such a small place or even build one yourself? Well, I'm going to show you all of the ins and outs to making that happen for you. 

We will first take a tour of the tiny house. You'll be able to take in all that the space has to offer & see how each inch has been utilized. I'll show before & after pictures along with photos throughout the process. We will discuss everything from plumbing & electrical, permitting, landscaping around the tiny house, additional amenities to incorporate, as well as fun, hidden treasures (hideaway tables & beds, etc.) that make each tiny house build unique.

During this time you'll be full of questions. Your mind will be racing with ideas of your own as you begin to see yourself joining the tiny house movement. You'll wonder where to begin & how long it will take; not to mention the cost. But don't worry. I'll be there to guide you along the way & help answer each question that you have. 

Each individual will be given a notebook (filled with resources for later), pencil & tape measure (yours to keep), & we will begin designing the tiny house of your dream. We will talk about what you're looking to put into your tiny home, the types of appliances most important to you & the type of energy you'll use as well as plumbing. You'll determine if your tiny house will be built on a trailer or on a permanent foundation. We will discuss the size that will be needed & even if space will be needed for pets, plus much more! And when we're done, you'll have your own preliminary blueprint.

PLEASE NOTE: The date listed is just used a placeholder. However, if you have a date in mind that will work better for you, don't hesitate to send me a message from the "Message Host" button or you can request a private event from my profile and we can make it happen. Excited for you to jump into the tiny house endeavor.

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I have worn many hats over the years from being a mother of three & now a grandmother of two; and being a manager for a Department of Defense contractor to creating environmental education programs supported by sponsorship platforms I designed. Furthermore, I obtained a BS in Marketing followed by my MBA.

These are pieces of my life that put a smile on my face & make me feel I've somehow contributed to the "greater good." However, I'm always looking to grow & explore new ideas, & that is where the tiny house experience comes in to play. I became completely awe-inspired by the tiny house movement & the creative possibilities that could be found within such a small area of living space. So I took the plunge and over the next year I built my own tiny house. It has been an incredible journey & I am excited to share it with you.