Inspired Heart Workshop: Living a Life of Love & Truth of Spirit

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Fitness & Wellness

Event Overview

An Honest and Transparent Discussion on Living a Life, Based on Love and Truth of Spirit

The baseline of our conversation will be: 

"I AM Spirit, Mastering My Human Expression”

We will begin with a sacred conversation: 

  •You as Spirit 

  •You as Pure Energy 

  •You as Divine Grace

 Then discuss distinctions between spirit, mind, and physical body. For this, we will talk about science and the beauty of our complex biology.

 My intention for this workshop is for us to be inspired by the truth of Spirit/pure energy and to mindfully and consciously understand the mechanics of our humanness.

 Other subjects covered: 

  •the science and experience of breath-work 


 Ultimately, YOU are Spirit...Divine Grace!      Together, let's activate and experience that Essence :)

-Please arrive early  
-Bring a shawl or light blanket, if you have a tendency to get cold  
-A light snack and beverage will be

Minimum age

All ages welcome

What's Provided

All paperwork needed

What You Can Expect From This Experience
  • breath-work will be taught
  • meditation will be experience
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Jules specializes in educating individuals and groups in the science of meditation and the skill of emotional mindfulness.

They say, "Knowledge is Power"...
Jules says, "Using Knowledge to Create Clarity... CLARITY is the Super Power!"

Jules addresses and teaches the skills to create clarity in the mind and peace in the body. With the skillful means of clarity and peace, the physical body naturally begins to express its vibrancy.

Jules considers herself a catalyst and educator for heart-centered change and is passionate about living an honest and self-loving life. Her methods are based upon, the new and traditional sciences, esoteric truths, diverse energy healing systems and the grace of spirit.

Jules has been studying and personally implementing the new sciences, philosophy, and spirituality of self-awareness, emotional mastery, energetic healing, meditation, and exercise for over 2 decades. Her formal learning began with a traditional education in Biology (B.S.) from University of Missouri-St. Louis, then certifications and licenses in physical fitness and many energy healing systems, including Advanced ThetaHealing™, Sound Energy, Coaching, Advance Higher Brain Living™, Transformational Healers, H.H. Sai Maa’s Conscious Healer studies and other neurological based groups.

Since childhood, Jules was naturally curious about the study of life, both matter and spirit. She has a solid understanding of how brain neurology is wired and why this information is important in creating a peaceful life. She also acknowledges the significance in an individual’s ability to master their emotional expression which has a direct effect on their relationships, physical health, and reaction to life events.

Jules is a long time student of H.H. Sai Maa and feels with Sai Maa’s grace and devotion, Jules has awakened to her own inner wisdom, life passion, and purpose. With gratitude she is taking the opportunity to serve the community; guiding and teaching with trust, confidence, and heart aligned intuition.