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Kettlebell-that funny looking thing that usually just sits in the corner of your gym; it sorta looks like a bowling ball with a handle, right?  Do you ever look at them and think "I wonder how you're supposed to even USE those things?!"  I did, too.  And then I picked up my first kettlebell and have been hooked ever since!  

The problem with kettlebell is that there just aren't that many people who know how to use them!  Not enough trainers using them with their clients, so they just sit in the corner of the gym collecting dust. 

I want to change that.  Join me for a SMALL group, Intro To Kettlebell workshop, where you will learn the BASIC skills in kettlebell.  Skills like: Hip Hinge, Deadlift, Kettlebell Swing and more.  

Kettlebell is a SKILL SET you build upon with time and practice.  I want to show you how to safely use a kettlebell so that you begin to benefit from all the wonderful things kettlebell offers-such as HUGE cardio/calorie burn, core strengthening, joint mobility and strength improvement (to name only a few). 

This workshop is for the novice 'bell user.  NO intermediate/advanced users for this class, sorry.  I am looking to get BRAND new users or those with very little exposure to 'bells.  Basic skills will be learned in a small group setting with a pace that is easy to fully GRASP the skills you're looking to build.  NO RUSHING!  NO JUDGMENT!

You will leave this workshop feeling confident with the basic kettlebell movements you need to get started in your practice!  My ULTIMATE goal is to have you leaving wanting MORE from kettlebell (which would lead to more advanced workshops in the future!). 

What you need: bring a sweat towel, a yoga mat (or large towel) and a water bottle.  Nothing else. I provide the 'bells. 

What to expect: There will be a small group of people (no more than 6). We will begin with a dynamic warm-up to get your muscles & joints ready to work.  From there, we will focus on the basic movements needed to get started with working with kettlebells.  There will be several water breaks taken for adequate hydration and rest.  When we are close to the end of the workshop, we will combine all of the movements together to make a super effective, safe and fun workout for you to do at home (that is, assuming you'll rush right out to buy your own bell when you leave!). I will give you a handout to take home to help jog your memory of the moves AND also provide you with a few fun workouts to do in the comfort of your own home.  HELL, TAKE THE WORKOUT TO YOUR GYM AND PICK UP THAT DUSTY KETTLEBELL IN THE CORNER!!  SHOW EVERYONE HOW IT'S DONE!!!!!  

ALL levels of fitness welcome.  ***Unless you've been given specfic orders from a physician NOT to exercise, you are welcome (ALL participants will be asked to sign a liability waiver PRIOR to starting). 

The cost for this workshop is $25 per person


What to Bring

Yoga Mat (or large beach towel) and a water bottle.

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All ages welcome

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I have been a personal trainer, health coach and kettlebell instructor for nearly 10 years with prior experience as a nurse (10 years). I am passionate about teaching others about fitness, health and wellness but (more importantly) I find passion in helping my clients CONNECT to themselves through self love, self care and self advocacy.
I am 40 years old, have an awesome 15 year old son, a great boyfriend who supports me and 2 fur-babies (Baby and Gus). In my downtime, I love cooking, listening to podcasts/audiobooks and binge watching Forensic Files on Netflix (it's a serious problem).
I couldn't pick just ONE motto to use, if needed to describe my mission in life, so I'll name a couple that I love to remember:
"Love yourself enough to lead a healthy lifestyle"
"It's never too late to be what you might have been"
"Be the change you wish to see in this world"