Sketchbook Skills 2: [Learn From The Masters]

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Sketchbook Skills 2: Learn From The Masters [overview of drawing in art history + how to learn from reference]

  I firmly believe that keeping a sketchbook has made me a more complete person and is indispensable for making art. I'd love to share the practical skills I've learned that will nourish & enrich your creativity! 

  Technique, creativity, and confidence are all built in the laboratory of a sketchbook. I'm aiming to empower participants of all skill levels to get the maximum benefit from this basic creative tool. Each class has a theme, rather than a specific technique, which will challenge any level of experience. Learning how to use your sketchbook, like any other tool, takes practice and benefits from a foundation of fundamental skills.

  I am passionate about art history because each piece of art is a conversation for those who learn to speak the language. The ability to relate to the past -directly into ANY era, into ANY aspect of recorded human experience- is pure magic. Learning the language takes some practice but anyone can do it.

  I'll start with an overview of illustrations made by the Masters in historical context. This will give participants a foundation to continue exploring art with a purpose in mind. Researching and using reference material is the physical aspect of the language. I'll go over a number of techniques that teach through muscle memory. By learning how to speak to the Masters, you unlock a lifetime of lessons from the best artists that ever lived.

Participants will learn: 
-an overview of drawing in art history (with pictures!)
-tools for reading an illustration
-how to research a project efficiently
-how to use the best possible reference effectively


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  I'm teaching this class as a series, but each class covers a topic unto itself. I'll cover the "Big 3" skills that make keeping a sketchbook beneficial & enjoyable:

Class 1. Gesture drawing to sketch quickly; Sketchbook technique & habits.

Class 2. How to learn technique from the historical Masters.


Class 3. How to use nature to be your greatest teacher through landscape drawing.

  You don't need ANY previous art education to use a sketchbook- you just need the willingness to try to learn a new skill and the bravery to fail a little bit along the way. Personal drawing habits, which are essentially journaling with pictures, can encourage self-awareness by providing a safe place for both conscious and unconscious expression.


What to Bring

-a sketchbook (you'll get the best results with a sketchbook that's around US Letter sized)
-your preferred drawing utensils (pencils, pens, charcoal, markers, etc.. keep it simple.
-eraser (I prefer white vinyl but any old eraser works)

Minimum age

All ages welcome

What's Provided

I'll provide my own selection of drawing materials as examples or if students want to try out something new to see if they like it.

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Lauren Busiere of Made By Lauren B. is something of a renaissance woman, there doesn’t seem to be anything that Lauren is afraid to try her hand at. She's constantly developing her skill, craftsmanship, and the energy she puts into everything she does. Lauren has a passion for conservation and reducing waste on a practical, grassroots level. She has been "upcycling" well before the word existed by building retail displays, signage, theater sets, etc.. out of found materials for over 15 years. She is currently working on her first solo art show called "Folk Filth" which is a collection of her pop-culture inspired folk art shrine installations.

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