Legg Werk

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Legg Werk is a dance introduction to the art of understanding fierce & sexy body movements different rhythms and beats in music, exploring how to create beautiful shapes and silhouettes with the body. Taking this class, you can expect to be pushed mentally and physically all while building esteem and learning how to display seductive and confident body language.

Each workshop is a fusion of dance styles and genres of music including elements of Jazz, Lyrical Hip Hop/Pop, Burlesque, and ballroom. Join now and release your inner dance vixen in this sultry and high energy packed variety dance class.

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Motovation & Sass

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All ages welcome

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St. Louis Native Jahna Kimil is an innovative and renowned dancer, singer, actress, choreographer, instructor, and producer. Named by St. Louis Post Dispatch’s Harry Jackson “The Miracle Dancer” Jahna has loved the art of all genres of music, theatre, and dance her entire life. Known for her amazing and natural ability to pick up any style of dance from Jazz, Ballroom, Hip Hop, and high flying acrobatics, she has traveled throughout the U. S. and Canada captivating audiences all around.

Since 2007 she has taught and choreographed dance and performance arts classes for Prison Performing Arts Learning Through the Arts and Hip Hop Poetry programs, which provides intensive performance arts programming—classes, workshops in poetry, acting, dance, and music. Classes are taught year-round, after school, and during public school breaks at St. Louis City Juvenile Detention Center.

She also heads her own Non Profit Organization S.O.Y (supporting our youth) which provides dance, acting, gymnastics, and music lessons to economically underprivileged youth and young adults, empowering them to stay in school, gain self esteem, build self confidence and make better life choices through the arts.

Her style, vigor, and love for diverse musical styles of dance have brought her numerous achievements throughout the years. She has performed in commercial ads for companies such as Bacardi, Camel featured in stage plays and local news covers. Due to a devastating almost “career ending” car accident that left her with internal injuries, a shattered pelvis, broken hips, and a shattered arm, she was diagnose to never return to dance. Her story is the face and on running commercial for SLU Hospital’s campaign “You are special and we are the specialists” and was the cover story for Emergency Perspective Magazine and St Louis Post Dispatch Cover Story “How I did it”.

Jahna currently choreographs, produces, and performs in many shows including nationally touring Jumpin’ Jupiter Roadshow, a cirque theatrical neo-burlesque themed show and the sensational Juju B’ Revue, a phenomenally fierce all woman group of highly trained dancers and circus performers. She is a passionate and driven performance artist that enjoys being an inspiration to others, sharing her passion and creativity while using the world as her stage.