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With bow season right around the corner, this class will be excellent to give beginner bow hunters an easy first hand tutorial on how to bag that turkey.
This class will go over the main types of hunting bows and their functional parts. This class will cover the basics of shooting a bow (both compound and recurve) as well as potential variables one will encounter while shooting. By the end of the class you will get to shoot some practice bows.
The knowledge you will have when walking away in this class will be the structure and differences of the compound and the recurve bows, how to fire a bow accurately, and what the hidden obstacles are to an accurate archery shot. By the end of this class you will be able to fire a bow with confidence!

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I'm a world traveler who is a purveyor of hobbies. From art to archery, sword fighting to ballroom dancing, I love to learn new skills. I have been an archer for thirteen years, I started with recurve bows and two years later moved to compound bows. Upon graduating to the compound bow my first arrow was sent into the middle of the bulls eye, the second arrow I shot split the first in two. It's more than just a hobby, it's a passion.