Dealing in Light: A Guide to Basic Photography

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Hello! Thanks for checking out my class. My name is David and I've been a working photographer for three years now while practicing it as a hobby for over ten. I studied at the Academy of Art University graduating with a BA of Fine art photography. In my time at the academy I've learned so much about photography, cameras, and light and it has brought me joy through the ability to express fantastic imagery that I never thought I could put on paper. I'm not the kind of guy who can just whip out a pencil and draw you an amazing scene. Yet with a camera and a little Photoshop here and there I can show you a world beyond ours. In this class we'll go over the basics of DSLR/MILC/35MM photography, I would highly recommend bringing your own camera as I cannot provide you with one. If you don't have a DSLR camera but still want to learn that's also ok! I've always found learning photography to be a very tactile experience and for me that was the best way to learn however having the information beforehand may help inform you on taking that first step into buying a camera as they can get VERY pricey if you're looking for higher grade cameras. For the first hour we'll go over camera functionality, using light to your advantage, and framing a scene. The next hour will be spent creating images. I can't promise but I will be attempting to bring a model with me for people to practice with if they're uncomfortable trying to approach people or go for a street photography angle [assuming enough people sign up in advance for that particular class]. This will be an outdoor class as we won't have strobe lighting available we'll be using the next best thing... The sun?! Who knew? So we'll meet up at a park, located centerally in San Francisco, which I feel has a good mix of structure, people, and landscape to make most happy with the choice of subject matter. I look forward to seeing you all there!

What to Bring

Please bring your own camera and any accessories you have that you want to learn to use.

What's Provided

I have some PDFs and images that I'll email you after the class.

What You Can Expect From This Experience
  • Shutter understanding and control
  • Aperture understanding and control
  • ISO understanding and control
  • Perspective on photography as a tool
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Hi! I'm a graduate of the Academy of arts university here in San Francisco with a BA in Fine art photography!