Primitive Survival Fire Starting

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Learn how to start a fire by literally rubbing sticks together! Not only is this the most exciting and rewarding survival skill to learn, primitive friction fire starting is essential to sustenance and peace of mind in a survival situation. Plus, it's super cool to show off with!

You don't have to like being in the outdoors to enjoy this class. If you want to knkw how to handle yourself well in a survival situation or simply want the peace of mind that comes from being prepared, this is the perfect class to get started.

You've likely seen this on the Discovery channel but now you can learn it firsthand.
We will meet outdoors where I'll explain and demonstrate how to start a fire using the bow-drill method. I'll have a kit for each participant to practice with and take home when the class is finished.
We'll work together as a group and everyone will have plenty of one-on-one time with me to be sure you're getting everything you need to succeed at primitive fire-starting.
You'll learn the proper components, proper technique, and proper expectations for starting a fire with your own bow-drill fire kit

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All ages welcome

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Brandon has been studying and practising wilderness survival skills for more than 25 years. It all started with a book his dad gave him called Outdoor Survival by Larry Dean Olson. He studied that book and tried every skill described in its pages but it wasn't until he went to work for Larry Olson that he really got the valuable experience he had been searching for. The most exciting result of learning how to survive well is the increased confidence that affects every part of the individual's life. When you know how to survive anything Mother Nature can throw at you, you can do anything!
Since then Brandon has been teaching essential survival skills to anyone who wants to learn.
Nothing gives him more satisfaction than watching someone struggle and then succeed at these vital skills. There is a thrill like no other when you know how to survive.