The Square Foot Fall Garden Class

with Jim Teahan

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Arts & DIY

Event Overview

This 90-minute class teaches you all that's needed for having a very successful fall garden. You'll learn the basics of the square foot gardening system where very little work is done compared to traditional gardening. No heavy digging. No thining. No weeding. No kidding! We won't be spendiung any time on the advanced techniques because they aren't needed during this time of year.

Fall is a great time to have a garden. The weather is warm enough so that seeds sprout quickly, and with the cooling evening temperatures it becomes the second spring for planting. It might seem early but this is the time to plan, gather materials and seed, then start planting!

The class is held in a very comfortable and private residential home. Participants leave with a handout highlighting the basics of the SFG system along with a planting schedule.

What to Bring

Ipads, iPhones, notepad, etc.

What's Provided

Trifold pamphlet highlighting the key points discussed in classPlanting schedule

What You Can Expect From This Experience
  • Organic gardening
  • Grow your own
  • Save money
  • Eat healthier
  • Eat better tasting food
  • Enjoy a new hobby
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Jim was trained and interned with Mel Bartholomew-the inventor of the square foot gardening system. He's been a certified SFG instructor for 16 years and has taught all over the intermountain west along with San Diego where he's conducted 3 day SFG symposiums. He has a blog and Facebook page dedicated to square foot gardening, has written 2 ebooks, and is passionate in his desire that everyone should have a SFG in their backyard.

You can find Jim on his blog and Facebook page-both under the same name: the wealthy earth.

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