How to Write a Non-Fiction Book Proposal

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Have you ever thought about writing a book? I'm the author of more than a dozen books, and I specialize in non-fiction. The awesome thing about writing non-fiction is that you don't have to write the entire book to get a book contract. In fact, you should first write a non-fiction proposal to pitch the concept to an agent or publishers. 

I've written a few dozen proposals over the years, so I'm very familiar with the concept, format, and challenge of what makes a good proposal. During this 4-week online Dabble event, I will teach you how to write a proposal so that you can pitch it to publishers at the end. Each week, I'll give you sections of the proposal to work on, and then I will provide feedback and editing along the way to strengthen it and your chances of landing a book deal. From researching the competition to writing your "elevator pitch," I will help you turn your book idea into reality. And since it's a live event with other writers, we'll all hold one another accountable along the way. 

Live chats will happen Sunday evenings either on Skype or Google Hangouts so everyone can ask questions and interact with one another. Then writers will work in Google Docs so it's easy for me to access, provide feedback, comments, etc. 

At the end of the workshop, I'll give your proposal a final read and make some suggestions as to agents and/or publishers you should share it with. While I can't write the proposal for you or give you direct editors who are going to buy your book, I can definitely help you get from point A to point B for having a viable proposal. And this is a whole lot better than googling, "How to write a book proposal." 

What to Bring

A solid book idea and write-ups each week that will go in the proposal.

Minimum age

All ages welcome


Your prerequisite is that you have a concept for a non-fiction project. I'm happy to help you decide on a topic if you have a few ideas and aren't sure what to focus on. But this class is designed for people who already have an idea, and now they need to execute it!

What's Provided

Samples of proposals, feedback every week on the week's assignment, final recommendations for publishers and agents

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Stacy Tornio is the author of 15+ books, and she's written dozens of non-fiction proposals over the years. She has a degree in journalism, and loves the art of creating good non-fiction. She believes that many people out there have stories they could and should share with others, and she's excited at the opportunity to help. Stacy works for one of the top educational websites in the country by day, and she writes books at night. She also runs the website, focused on getting kids and families outside.