Ceramics: Three Pounds and a Soft Slab

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Think of what you can make with three pounds of clay and a soft slab. Two teacups and a tray? A ceramic tile? A small boat or a vessel? An abstract tree fort?

The possibilities are endless for what can be done from this simple starting point, in which everyone begins with the same amount of material – the diversity comes in when people come together!

If you’ve ever wanted to dip into the ceramic arts but haven’t had the nudge, the space or motivation to invest in the materials and equipment, this is an opportunity to learn basic hand-building techniques and become familiar with the endless explorations in this wonderful medium.

This workshop is open to people from all levels of ceramics.

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All ages welcome

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Angela Biederman has been a sculptural ceramic artist in the Milwaukee area for over six years. Much of her work is inspired by animals as representations for humans, anthropomorphic forms, the relationship between humans and animals and their physical and social similarities. While her recent work takes a slightly new direction, she continues to be primarily inspired by natural objects.

Angela received her BFA in Ceramics from UWM in 2010, where she received scholarships, honors, and accolades. She has shown her work locally and regionally, as well as nationally at NCECA – one of the largest ceramic arts conventions in the United States. She has donated her work to auctions and charity.