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What the heck is POI? Is it that gooey food you eat? For some, yes. But for me, NO! It's dancing with FIRE! The best definition of Poi is that it's the fantastic and fun flow art where you dance around while twirling tethered balls in beautiful patterns around your body, either with or without fire.

People of all ages twirl Poi and you can learn to do it safely in my class, where I teach San Francisco's Temple of Poi curriculum. No fire at first and no experience necessary.

I'll provide the practice materials for you. Beginners are welcome - Share the learning experience with others at your level. This is a fun, friendly, supportive community where people are encouraged to find their own unique expression of Self.

This class will teach you the terminology, two drills, and the Corkscrew move. Leave feeling empowered by this unique skill that's both gorgeous and fun at the same time. And if this captures your imagination, move on to the rest of the series of classes where you'll learn many foundational tricks like the Butterfly, the Pinwheel, Sweeps, and two different kinds of Weaves. After that, there are classes that prep you for fire, where you can spin real fire yourself under our safe guidance.

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Marilyn Besasie has been in love with fire ever since she was a little girl; watching fires in her cousin’s fireplace, building campfires out in the woods at summer camp, even taking up candle making. As an adult, the love of fire never faded and when she saw fire spinning at the Burning Man Project in 1997, she was hooked. She dedicated herself to finding a teacher to learn this amazing new thing. But in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, there were no fire spinning teachers and it took her years to find one. Her first teacher taught her the basics and pointed her in the direction of videos distributed on the internet.

When she went back to Burning Man in 2001, she discovered the Temple of Poi and her life changed forever. Glitter Girl taught her the valuable Flowology mindset, which has enabled Marilyn to take her fire spinning up to the level of fire dancing. She has flown from Wisconsin to San Francisco to be taught by Glitter Girl twice, and sees Glitter Girl every time she comes to Chicago. Marilyn is pursuing her love of combining dancing and fire in Milwaukee where she has taught classes since 2003.

In 2008 she also became HoopGirl Certified and collaborates with HoopVive, teaching hooping classes throughout the Milwaukee area. Her other interests related to fire include being a member of two troupes in Milwaukee: SnowFire and FireSirens where she dances under the name Russian Wulfgar, being the official Wisconsin Regional Contact for the Burning Man Project, and being on the