I Can't Believe it's Homemade Butter (And Yogurt. And...)

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"Lactic cheese making culture" may not sound too appetizing, but we guarantee the list of things that can be made by cultivating it are. We're thinking:
-sweet cream cultured butter
-rich buttermilk (for the best biscuits and pancakes)
-crème fraîche
-creamy Greek yogurt
-hand-whipped cream cheese
-dollops of sour cream and

This Dabble class will show students how to transform one lactic cheese making culture into this myriad of delicious toppings easily and in a short amount of time. To be blunt, these ingredients are so incredibly easy to make... you'll kick yourself for not learning how-to sooner. And once you've tasted the difference between fresh-made and store-bought, you'll have no problem saving your money by continuing to make it yourself. Instruction will walk students through the steps of turning 1/2 a gallon of milk into each of the aforementioned products.

Samples of butter, buttermilk, crème fraîche and yogurt will be available for your tasting enjoyment.

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Steve Shapson, owner of thecheesemaker.com (an internet based supplier of home and artisan cheese making supplies), has been dabbling in artisan cheese for nearly 12 years after learning to make Camembert from one of his customers. Steve and his wife, MJ, grow Shiitake mushrooms, gather forgeable delicacies in the local forests, raise honeybees and use their outdoor brick oven to cook pizzas in minutes. Steve believes using fresh & local food products whenever possible is important, and he's been spreading this message to groups of students by teaching workshops on edible mushroom cultivation and artisan cheese making at many Milwaukee and Madison area schools, natural food stores, wine & cheese shops and others. Both Steve and MJ love entertaining and cooking for others and have been featured in Milwaukee Journal / Sentinel’s Best Hosts series.

11 Have Dabbled