How to Change Your Own Oil

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When it comes to our cars, we have a love / hate relationship.

We love that they get us around so reliably ... until, that is, they stop being reliable and start being shoddy.

Professional car repair is inconvenient, expensive and full of headache. And DIY car repair can be intimidating. That's why we're so gassed for this Dabble class, that's going to teach us how to take some of the pressure and guess work out of home car maintenance.

Learn the in's and out's of giving your wheels an oil change. We'll be working in a clean, bright environment and learning from friendly auto technicians the proper techniques for checking, changing and replacing both your oil and your oil filter. And bring your car along, because after we're done learning, each student will get 5 quarts of standard motor oil and a brand new oil filter to test their new skills for themselves!

Get a few bonus pointers on giving your vehicle a self inspection, so you can be the first to detect any future problems that might arise. Walk away confident that you can take control of your car's basic maintenance to skip the lines, the inflated prices and the frustration.

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Gary Miller

Gary Miller runs the show at Hands-On Auto Garage, do-it-yourself auto repair facility. Anyone can come to his business and work on their own vehicles. Gary provides all the tools and lifts for any job ... from a simple oil change to an engine replacement. He has technicians on standby to assist customers who start a project only to find they may have gotten in over their heads. These experienced technicians are teaching the Dabble course and will be assisting students with their first oil change