Learn Spanish Through Film | Interactive Spanish Class Party

with FilmDoo

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Event Overview

This is a unique and fun way to build on your Spanish vocabulary, grammar and listening skills! Enjoying an engaging film while playing along answering questions on your phone!

The course will be hosted by Francisco F Da Silva modern languages teacher and experienced Spanish tutor, and the interactive Spanish language course will be provided by the FilmDoo Online Learning Platform.


About the experience:

  • Level: Beginner (A1)

  • Questions in: Spanish

  • Course taught in English

  • Course Duration: about 1 hour

What to Bring

- a phone/tablet to play along while you stream from a different device.

Minimum age

All ages welcome

What You Can Expect From This Experience
  • A live course held by a native Spanish speaker and modern Language Tutor
  • A chance to play an interactive game while watching a film with us
  • A recording of the live course is sent to you via email.
  • A copy of the course slides is shared with you too!
Cancellation Policy


There are currently no upcoming dates scheduled for this Dabble. Log in to an account message the host or add to your bucket list to be automatically notified when new dates are posted.


Film lovers turned language learners!

We began as a film-streaming site in 2016, after consuming all of our foreign language movies we've developed a thirst for something more. So, we've developed a fun tool that combines movies and language learning!

It's not just sitting watching a film together, but following along a language course led by a experience language tutor while playing along together on our phone/tablet device.

We get to enjoy a film and take the first step in learning a new language! Join the fun!