Singing Journey Meditation

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Event Overview

In these journeys, we'll use the voice as a tool for relaxation, healing, and deep connection with our creative, intuitive mind. You'll be guided through practices like toning, non-religious chanting, and improvisational soul singing over an improvised sound bed.

Though participants are muted, you're encouraged to use your voice along with the guide. Because you're singing from the privacy of your own home, you can use your voice without fear of judgement. This is a powerful way to release stress, reduce anxiety and achieve a more peaceful state of being. Even if you choose not to sing, just listening along is a great way to relax. 

Minimum age

All ages welcome

What You Can Expect From This Experience
  • Release Stress
  • Calm the Mind
  • Connect with Your Creative Intuition
Cancellation Policy


There are currently no upcoming dates scheduled for this Dabble. Log in to an account message the host or add to your bucket list to be automatically notified when new dates are posted.


Roy Willey believes singing is everyone's birthright. As a musician specializing in vocal improvisation, his goal is to guide students past self-judgement and fear to connect with their inner music. His background as a Sound, Energy and Meditation Facilitator adds to his expertise in using the voice as a tool for mindfulness and healing. He's studied intensively with masters such as Bobby McFerrin, Rhiannon, Meredith Monk, Judi Vinar, and many others.

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