Beginning Band-weaving Bracelet

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Band weaving is a traditional technique done in Peru. Narrow ribbons are woven by way of using a back-strap loom; however only a single stick and some string is required. The warp (vertical) threads are stretched taught by tying one end to a stationary object and the other to the weaver's waist. Weft (horizontal) threads are inserted in a back-and-forth motion to create a solid ribbon or band.

In this class you will learn to prepare your warp for weaving horizontal and vertical stripes, create string heddles to control your threads, complete your weaving, and learn to make an adjustable closure out of the same fibers. Each student will leave with a completed bracelet.

This class is appropriate for all ages 12 and older. Remember, just because it is a technique a child can do, doesn't mean that it is't just as much fun for an adult. In Peru, young children learn band weaving and continue using the technique through adulthood :o)

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Sandra Clark

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Sandra graduated from Colorado State University with a Masters degree in fine art with an emphasis in fibers. She currently enjoys teaching in the art department at the Community College of Aurora. She loves working in her studio combining various techniques just as much as she loves teaching. There are few things better than completing a work of art, or watching a student embrace a new concept or technique

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