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Listen, we're the first to admit a lot of "self-improvement" classes (and people) can be cheesy, preachy or pretty out there. That's not our style. We won't be doing any trust-falls and no one is going to force you to share or participate more than you're comfortable.

Signing up for this class doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you or that you "need" help. It means you want to take life to the next level, and are interested learning new ways to achieve personal and professional success.

We coach some of the most successful people in the world (Olympic athletes, Fortune 500 CEO's, etc) to help them operate at their very best so they can achieve great things. We're offering this class to help you do the same.

Here's what you can expect:
-A massive dose of motivation and inspiration that will fire you up to go out and conquer the world!
-7 steps to create successful lasting change in ANY area of your life (yes, goal-setting is ONE of the steps... but not nearly the most important)
-An understanding of what's holding you back and how to overcome it (including procrastination)
-The tools to leave your comfort zone, and finally start operating at your very best

We'll have some fun, teach you how to achieve what you want most and provide a workbook that allows you to actually apply these tools to your life.

Attending this class may just be the thing that changes your future forever. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Megan Abbott is a Board Certified coach and the founder of Fruition Coaching, a personal coaching company empowering people to create the lives they have dreamed of. She has coached hundreds of people from 13 different countries, of all ages, professions and backgrounds. She also does regular public speaking engagements, group workshops and media stories motivating and teaching people how to overcome their fears to live happier, richer lives.

Megan is Board Certified by the Center for Credentialing and Education. Trained by the highly acclaimed Coaches Training Institute (CTI), Megan's coaching techniques stem from CTI's co-active coaching model, believing that all clients are creative, resourceful and whole. Megan has also completed Robbins Research International's Advanced Coach Training, learning cutting-edge, peak performance strategies and how to help clients create lasting change in their lives, as quickly as possible. Megan studied interpersonal communication and psychology at Villanova University, where her passion for understanding human behavior was first nurtured.

Through her training, education, research and experience, Megan has developed a highly effective coaching system that brings about rapid change in her clients' lives. Her experience and success stories with clients include physical transformations through extreme weight-loss; finding love and meaningful relationships; surviving frightening career changes; discovering clients' true passion and who their authentic selves are; starting successful small businesses and growing multi-million dollar companies; enduring difficult times such as break-ups, deaths of loved ones, divorces and career lay-offs, coming out of the other side to find happiness and fulfillment. Her favorite part of coaching is helping her clients find a renewed passion and appreciation for their lives.

Her passion, sense of humor and enthusiasm has a contagious effect on her clients and audiences, keeping them engaged, motivated and inspired to learn and achieve their goals, while enjoying the process.