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Have you ever wondered if longarm quilting is something you can do? Stop sending your quilts out to be finished by someone else.

In the Longarm Quilting class, new or veteran quilters can practice freehand longarm quilting on a 18 X 8 Husqvarna Viking Mega Quilter. We'll mount the fabric on the frame, thread the machine, and then students will take turns operating the machine on a portion of the quilt sandwich. When the class is over, you'll go home with a quilted piece you can finish to use as potholders or a trivet. Taking this course will enable you to rent the longarm machine in the future without having to take the required $50 introduction class.

You'll learn how to mount the top and backing to the frame, thread the machine, stitch a design freehand, and learn how to advance the quilt on the frame.

Minimum age

All ages welcome


No prior quilting skills are required. However, it will be helpful if you have an idea of a quilt design you'd like to try. I suggest looking at YouTube for quilt design ideas and techniques. This class teaches you how to setup the quilt and use the machine, but it is not a design class.

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Abby has been quilting for 14 years and has used a longarm machine for 6 years. She discovered that finishing her own quilts with a longarm machine was much more fun than trying to wrestle it through a standard sewing machine, and she thinks most quilters will feel the same way. Abby has taught quilting classes at Dartmouth College and has been a motorcycle instructor for 6 years. She loves helping people learn new skills.