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Create a life that is in line with who you truly are.

We all carry so much potential within us, however in fully showing this potential and “putting it into action” we often hold ourselves back. When we do unleash our potential, it makes us come alive.

This evening we make use of the inspiring setting of the people in this group to create action in our lives. These actions can be small or big and directed to any aspect of your life.
We exchange our ideas with each other and use the group as a tool to explore these ideas.

This is an opportunity to show up for yourself and make a commitment to live life to the fullest. Experience life insights we have gathered from all over the world. An essential piece of our focus is on connection with others. When true connections are made, there is a unique kind of energy that can be felt. For these workshops, we are inviting people who are willing to create time for authentic and in-depth interactions.

By the end of a workshop you will walk away with tools to stay connected to your true self and an inspiring group of people you can always reconnect with again!

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All ages welcome

What You Can Expect From This Experience
  • Insights
  • Connections
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As a duo (Sanne and Joris) we met more than 10 years ago. Our passion for developing workshops & helping other people grow was always a mutual interest. Creating experiences that can trigger change just felt so right. Throughout the years we explored this in many different surroundings around the world and with a wide range of different types of groups. From international groups to world-known companies such as Google. From schools at a Native American reservation to a juvenile detention center in Mexico. Or simply in people's living rooms. Every setting gives a unique creative twist. These workshops were always as part of an organization. The dream started to create our own endeavor with our own vision and unique touch. That is why we are facilitating experiences around the world in 2018. We provide the space and tools to support in unleashing the potential we all carry within us.
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