Hiking Rule #1: Don't Die

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You've probably been on a ton of hikes and are very comfortable outdoors. Many people love living in Colorado because of the access to trails and wilderness areas. It is a truly breathtaking place to live!

Did you know the factor for an accident increases astronomically the more comfortable you are with a situation? On 14ers, for example, a good chunk of the accidents that happen occur on the way down because the hiker has already made it to the top and now all they have to do is go down. They lose their awareness and a decision to stop, eat and rest gets overlooked in an urge to get back. According to the mission reports from the Alpine Rescue Team they were called out 134 times last year. 100 of those were before September. Howard Paul, a member of the Alpine Rescue Team said "They think it's a walk in the park, when in fact it is a walk in the wilderness. 

You know how to hike. Let me help you fill in the gaps to make sure are prepared for your next big adventure with the 10 essentials you should have and how to prepare yourself in case something does happen.

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  • 10 Essentials you should have and why
  • How to prepare for your adventures
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Michelle Rue is a National Outdoor Leadership Graduate with a Leave No Trace Masters and is trained as a Wilderness First Responder. She LOVES helping people get outside and enjoy what the wilderness can show you. Knowledge is empowering! With over 10 years of guiding expertise, you are sure to always broaden your horizons with Michelle as your guide. What could you learn on your next hike? You can do it!

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