Foundations for the Home Herbal- Teas for Transitions

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Foundations for the Home Herbal is a series of courses designed to empower the healer in each of us and bring the simplicity, delights and benefits of botanical medicine into our every day lives.   Our Teas for Transition workshop coincides with the seasonal shift from summer to autumn.  We will explore the basic elements of creating a therapeutic herbal tea, specifically designed to support the body, mind and spirit during this time.  We will engage in sensory delights as we touch, smell and taste different botanical allies.  The process of formulating and making will be thoroughly demonstrated and explored, start to finish, giving participants the opportunity to experience each aspect.  Each student will take home their own Tea for Transition.

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Molly Jo Stanley

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Molly Jo was raised and nurtured by the Appalachian Foothills. It was in the luscious, deciduous forests where she first began to learn the stories and powers of the local flora. As a student of environmental education and ecology, Molly Jo is inspired by the inherent wisdom of the earth. From the eastern deciduous forest; to the Arizona desert where she received her diploma of Western Herbalism; to the redwood forests of the pacific northwest; and to the base of the great Rocky Mountains, she has been immersed in ethnobotany: the study of the relationship between plants and people. Molly Jo believes wholeheartedly that as we deepen our relationship to the plants that nourish, feed and heal us, we ensure a vibrant life of balance for all. As an educator, she aims to empower individuals, families and communities to understand the core of their wellness and illness, and co-create a life which facilitates health of mind, body, and soul. 

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