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Instruction on the basics of coffee and espresso, including dairy and steaming techniques.

This 4 hour class strips away the mysteries of coffee and espresso, allowing the student to relate to the beverages they get in commercial coffee houses and how this instruction relates to home use.

Students will leave the class knowing the difference between roasts, how to produce perfect shots of espresso, and the basic techinique behind steaming milk at home.

They will also learn all the buzz words professional baristas use, which will remove the mythos and barriers between the coffee maker and the guest.

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With over 20 years restaurant experience, Jason "bird' Calloway has run the gamut ranging from five star hotel to Texas roadhouse. His focus for the past 6 years has been the fusion of modern coffee aesthetic and old school restaurant tenet, where service is key. Bird's primary focus in coffee education is to enlighten the guest on the ins and outs of the coffee culture to break down the barriers between the barista and the consumer.