Coffee Brewing 101: Chemex

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Learn to brew coffee with our roaster! The Chemex is one of the most revered and classic coffeemakers in the world, and we use it in our retail and roasting facility to brew coffee for our customers.

The class includes a Chemex brewer, a 12oz bag of freshly roasted coffee, and a one hour training with Phil Goodlaxson; the owner and head roaster of our company. You will learn about the basics of coffee extraction, how to understand where off-flavors come from in brewing and how to adjust to brew a more correctly extracted cup.

We will show you how this relates to brewing in a chemex brewer, and our proven method for chemex coffee, and provide up to an hour of hands on time after the demonstration. After this class, you will be able to brew as good of coffee at home as anywhere.

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Must love coffee.

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Phil has 8 years of experience in coffee, and has worked with multiple roasters in the US and Norway to develop a knowledge of sourcing, roasting, and brewing. He works at his company, Corvus Coffee Roasters, as a roaster/sourcer and quality control management.