How to Lead from the Heart

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Leaders of the Heart programs are the only trainings available that teach sensitive people like me and you how to become powerful leaders without losing what we love. 

​How to harness your power and still be the heart-centered, compassionate person you are through a simple process that won't overwhelm you and will have you living what you love and making money too.


You do not need to live in the cage of your own creation ANYMORE! 

1. What do you care about? What are you trying to create? 
See it. Feel it. Say it out loud. 

2. Who do you benefit when you thrive?
When you are successful whose experience is enhanced too? 

3. What is holding you back? 
Who are we kidding, you know yourself best. What is limiting you?
How is your anxiety adding resistance to your trail and how is self doubt weighing you down? 

4. VERY IMPORTANT: What is the COST of you moving along at your current pace?
financially, emotionally and opportunity-wise etc. 

5. What is the potential gain if you get support in changing the patterns? 
new connections, more money, personal fulfillment etc. 

6. What can you do RIGHT NOW to inch in the direction of your goals? 
Wouldn't you rather live in a world where people are happily thriving? Me too.. Get on it and actually DO something. 
Sadly, most people don't.

What do you have to lose?
Do you have your true life to gain? 


What You Can Expect From This Experience
  • Leadership Training
  • Come away from each class with actionable steps forward
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Ellen Sevigny - co- founder of Yoga in Your Park (YiP), coach trained as a therapist and performer, is one to spark your internal inspiration.

When you are with her you feel like she is singing just for you - her songs are designed to find their way in, open you to the depths of who you really are and dissolve any lingering tensions.

Ellen shows up blazing every time, often with the Warm Honeys, her band. Ellen is known for her relentless idealism and joyful persistence.

Ellen received a master's degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy (Naropa University) and was trained in the art of yoga at a the Nosara Yoga Institute at the 500 hour level with extensive training at Children's Hospital Colorado in Yoga Therapy during her internship at Naropa (700 hours). Two parts honey, one part sting, Ellen will inspire you to live into your next iteration with grace and ease.

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