Moonrise Matcha Workshop

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Arts & DIY

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Do you know the right way to make Matcha?  Learn how to make Matcha in the traditional Japanese way. A special tea moment with Zen words. Educational talk on history, art, and health benefits of Matcha.

Experience the joy of preparing and tasting the best organic Matcha with love. Learn how to do Tanden breathing to experience a meditational effect while enjoying tea

What's Provided

Premium organic matcha and Japanese sweets are included.

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I grew up in Japan surrounded by Japanese culture and art but it is more recent when I realize how powerful and calming to follow the ancient wisdom that I learned through Japanese culture and art. After moving to Boulder, Colorado, I met many people through my artist activities, and people started to ask me to teach what I do. Teaching skills such as how to make matcha, Ikebana flower arrangement, or calligraphy is relatively easy but I want to share what's more important through Japanese culture, the reason why I do this for living. The art of balance in life. I puts a lots of thoughts and broke down what makes Japanese culture special and mystical, and developed the formula called "Wabi Balance" I want to teach "Wabi Balance" which is the ancient wisdom that I learned so people can recreate a special moment in life.