Glassblowing Like The Italians!

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Arts & DIY

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A great experience for an introduction to the material of molten glass. In this hands-on workshop, each person will experience inflating and sculpting hot glassmaking two pieces per person. Come experience the magic of hot glass!


Suitable for ages 10 and up!

What's Provided

I will provide all the materials!

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I began blowing glass over 20 years ago I had no idea how it would form so much of my life experience. Glass still surprises and mesmerizes me daily. I am challenged by this material and hope I will continue to learn the beautiful lessons it offers me on a daily basis. The characteristic of glass to convey color so magnificently has been an integral part of my glass work. The ability to create texture with color is also special to glass and allows for even more options for exploration. The process, therefore, has become my true love versus the final product. Creating is the creation. I LOVE sharing the material with all kinds of people!!! I never know who might be driven to explore the material more and I love offering the opportunity to share the magic!