How To Be a Goddess Leader To Men

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Fitness & Wellness

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Got a man in your life? Seeking one? Just looking to get along better with all the men in your life?

In How to Be a Goddess Leader to Men, Marie Young will instruct you not only in the key differences in the way men and women communicate and how to lead them in a they'll love.

You will learn more clearly what motivates men, the different types of men, and how to engage in play with men and ultimately increase your love and appreciation for them.

You will also learn self care and how to increase your own aliveness. 

Come join Marie for this fun afternoon workshop and learn more about those magnificent men.

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All ages welcome

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What You Can Expect From This Experience
  • How to Love and Appreciate All the Men In Your Life
  • Understand the Fundamentals that Govern Male Behavior
  • How to Lead Men in a Way They Can Respond To
  • How to Nurture Yourself and Increase Your Own Pleasure and Magnetism
  • Ways to Have More Fun
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A full-time family comedienne and mom, Marie Young is also a life coach, yoga teacher, and creator of The Fluent Female, a self-care system in the areas of spirit, relationship, and wellness and designed to help women gain mastery in the art of being a woman today.

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