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Long recognized for its power to enhance creativity, improvisation is increasingly acknowledged for its other off-stage attributes, including its ability to help change one’s mindset. In this fun, interactive, and engaging workshop we will explore the gifts of improvisation, discover what it means to have an improvisational mindset, learn tools and techniques to cultivate it, and experience how that mindset can be applied to life, work, and play.

Indeed, it is often the smallest mindset shifts that can bring the biggest results. Join us to explore how teeny transformations, applied to the everyday, can have profound changes and lasting results. You will leave with a tiny toolkit of everyday improv practices to help your hopes, dreams, and wishes for 2018 come alive.  Unleash your improv superpowers.

Workshop Notes:

·      Please wear comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes. We will be moving around.

·      Registration is required and is limited to 8 people.

·      The workshop is free and attendees will get a discount code to apply to a future workshop.

·      Please note that parts of the workshop may be recorded for reference purposes by the workshop organizer. By attending the workshop, you consent to the recording.

·      Still have more questions? Read the FAQ below or just send me a message.


I’ve never studied improv before, is that okay?

Yes! Great! The workshop is designed to accommodate a range of skill levels.

I have lots of experience, will there be something in the class for me?

Great! Yes! The workshop is designed to accommodate a range of skill levels.

I’m a bit of an introvert and can be a bit shy, is this class for me?

Yes, we work to create classes that are safe, comfortable, fun, and welcoming environment. 

Do I have to be funny or perform?

Nope! We hope you will laugh a lot and enjoy the class, but there is no requirement to make others laugh or perform.  There will be interactive exercises but the only audience will be the other workshops participants.

Can I just watch?

No, sorry everyone who attends must be a participant.

What is the improvisational mindset?

Come to the workshop and find out! All will be revealed!

I get that improvisation can change your day, or week, but change your life? Really?

Well first of all, we are all changing, every moment. Part of the gift of improv is first becoming aware and paying attention to that change and then figuring out how to direct it.

Have any other questions?

Let Jeanne know!

What You Can Expect From This Experience
  • The secret superpower of the improvisational mindset
  • An enhanced feeling of being present
  • A fun, supportive, and encouraging environment
  • Understanding the building blocks of the improvisational mindset
  • Paying attention to your attention
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In 2012, Jeanne left her lucrative career in academia and heritage conservation to pursue an equally lucrative one in training, storytelling, performance, improvisation, and writing. She has told stories, produced, emceed, and done improv in all sorts of places, some sanctioned, some not. In 2014, while living in Hong Kong, she made it official and established a small company, Lamb Ink. She has since performed, presented, facilitated, and conducted workshops and trainings in North America, Europe, and Asia. Ms. Lambin's workshops have been described as "amazing," "powerful," and "great fun." A common thread through all her work has been the desire to connect individuals, groups, and organizations to people, causes, and things that they care about and give them the tools that they need to take meaningful action and inspire change. She is Vice President of the Applied Improvisation Network, a founding member of Improv for Humanity, and Instigator-in-Chief of The Quest: Improv for Transformation. She recently relocated back to Chicago.

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